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Cheri's Fudge and Candy started in 1975 when Cheri's husband gave her $5,000 and encouraged her to pick up a new hobby.  He was a self-employed and drilling oil 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.   His wife needed something to pass the time while her husband was away.


Cheri used the money to enroll in professional candy making classes and eventually  started a candy and cake supply store: Cheri's Candy & Cake Supplies.  


Over the course of a few years, Cheri's Candy and Cake Supplies moved from a storefront, to Cheri's dining room, and then back to an another storefront location a the corner of Kerr St. and Central Ave. in Titusville PA.  

Over the years Cheri and her husband owned a variety of businesses from Video Stores, Pleasantville Craft & Variety Outlet, Cheri's Music Station, Cheri's Verizon Wireless, and a few Taco Bell Express locations.  These businesses came and went with the changing of the times, but Cheri's Candy proved to be a mainstay of the Titusville community.   

In 1997, Cheri's Candies was renamed Cheri's Fudge & Candy as Cheri added fudge to her repertoire of candy making skills.   Armed with a kettle that could make 40 pounds of decadent fudge at a time, Cheri's latest offering was soon on the dessert plates of everyone in Titusville and the surrounding areas.

In winter 2009, Cheri decided it was time to shutter the doors on all of her other businesses.   But she would not retire from her first passion:  candy making!  

The interminable woman rose to the challenge by teaming up with the a local grocery chain. 

By January 2010, Cheri's Fudge & Candy was  sold at Save-a-lot stores in Titusville, Corry, Meadville, and Franklin, PA.  Partnered with her youngest daughter, Janet, the sweetest woman on earth was able to continue delighting her friends, family, and neighbors with her treats while also enjoying a  much-deserved retirement lifestyle.    

Retirement was smooth sailing for a few years.   Cheri traveled, enjoyed her grandbabies, and spent time with friends.   But just before Thanksgiving 2012, Cheri received devastating news: a previous bout with cancer had returned.   This time, it was Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Cheri's daughter, Janet, immediately sprang to action.  She promised to be by her mother's side every step of the way.   Cheri raised Janet alongside the candy business -- they were both her babies.   Janet would not let it falter.   Over the next 4 1/2 years, Cheri and Janet worked hand in hand to keep the candy business going.   As time wore on, Cheri's health deteriorated and the treatments took their inevitable toll on her.  

On June 20, 2017 at 10:06 am Cheri lost her hard-fought battle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  One of the last promises Janet made to Cheri was to take care of her dad and keep the business going.  

That first holiday season, Janet was absolutely miserable making candy without her mom.  Two things kept her going: 

1.  The financial support was necessary for her Dad

2.   A memory of her mother that still drives her to this day:   The last Christmas that Cheri was alive, the nurses at Titusville Hospital gave each patient a card with $30 inside.  It was simply signed "From Friends".   Cheri was so grateful for that thoughtful gift that someone had provided the Oncology patients.   It wasn't a lot of money, but it was the thought that touched her heart.   Cheri spoke of that card for months afterward.    Janet finished that heartbreaking holiday season by delivering bags of chocolate to all of the Oncology patients at the hospital where her mother had been treated the year before.  

Today Cheri's Fudge & Candy still delivers holiday gifts and cards to the Oncology Unit at Titusville Hospital.  Janet further honors the memory of her mother by sending a small gift to the hospital nurses each year on the anniversary of Cheri's passing.   She also donates chocolates to area nonprofits that serve sick, disabled and underprivileged children.   

Happily, Dad still lives in Titusville.   Janet visits frequently and maintains her promise to take good care of him.    45 years after its inception proceeds from  Cheri's Fudge and Candy help financially support the small-town family to this day.